Nov 04, 2016

How do I use the Elgato Windows Reporter utility?

The Elgato Windows Reporter is a free utility that collects selected information from users of Elgato products.

It works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Download Elgato Windows Reporter

The latest version of Elgato Windows Reporter will always be available via this link:

The downloaded file is an executable, with a name similar to ElgatoWindowsReporter_1.00.13.exe.

Depending on when you download it, the numbers in the file name may be different.

Using Elgato Windows Reporter

After you download Elgato Windows Reporter, launch it to get started.

To collect your computer's configuration files and save them to your Desktop, please press the "Start" button.


There is an option to "Add Memory Dump" and "Add Software Crash Dump", but only use that if directed by Elgato Support.

After you press the "Start" button, the configuration files will be collected. This usually takes a few minutes.
Finally, a file will be created, and placed on your Desktop.

That file will contain your system's configuration files, and it can help Elgato Support analyze your support case.

Typically, Elgato Support will ask you to attach that to an email, and send it to them. Please do not send in this file unless Elgato Support requests that you do so.