Dec 03, 2018

Ticket Issues, Bugs, Betas, Returns and Exchanges - Read Me

What Happens To My Support Ticket Once I Send It?

Elgato Gaming has a limited amount of experts, so your ticket first enters a queue (line up) of messages sent over the past few days.

Those tickets are sorted according to the information you supplied with your ticket, and they are either answered on a first come, first served basis, or in order of severity of the problem. Thus, the goal is to help those with more advanced issues first, but when the queue gets very long, the time a ticket was created takes precedence.

If a ticket has pre-sales questions, then they may either be answered on the spot, or the response may include links to our website, where those questions are already answered.

Bug Reporting

If a ticket describes a "bug" with Elgato Software, then additional information may be requested, including crash logs or OS X or Windows reports. Then, the ticket may be escalated to our Quality Assurance department, so they can reproduce and study the bug, making a detailed report for our engineers. An unknown bug may take some time to track down, but the goal is to offer a solution in a future software update.

Beta Software

Occasionally, customers may be given beta (test) software designed to offer solutions to various bugs that have been reported. That beta software does not always solve these problems right away, but the process of getting feedback from customers is what leads to fully corrected software.

Exchanges and Returns (RMAs)

Some problems may be due to a rare hardware fault. For example, perhaps you bought a new Elgato Gaming product that gives a very poor picture, or no sound. In this case, you can request an RMA, or an authorization for returning your product in exchange for a new one. To ensure that an RMA is needed, Elgato Support may ask you to perform a few additional tests. Ultimately, RMAs are routed to our Customer Service department.

If you have a problem with an part, then you should create a ticket requesting an RMA, and you will usually be sent the new part with minimal fuss.

Please see this article for more information about the Elgato Warranty:

Warranty Info for Corsair and Elgato Gaming

Please see this article more more information about the RMA process:

RMA (Exchange) Process - What happens after approval?

If you need to return a product that you bought from Elgato Gaming for a refund, as per the terms of sale, you can contact directly for assistance.

Waiting For A Response

The goal for Elgato Gaming is to get back to every customer as soon as possible. Usually, the wait be from a few hours to a few days.

In some cases, the wait may be up to 4 business days. We apologize for such delays, and are adjusting the support process to hopefully remove such delays all together.

Every time you send a message to your existing support ticket, it does not create separate positions in the queue. Writing more than once while you are waiting for a response will not cause your ticket to be answered faster. If you do write more than once, it usually prolongs the wait before we can get to you, since the queue is based on the last time you've written - the longer it's been since your last message, the sooner you will be helped.

Once your ticket is accepted by one of our support representatives, then they will track it to make sure that any comments you send are addressed, until the point that your ticket is closed.

Elgato Gaming Customer Service agents are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM PST, via email.

Elgato Gaming Technical Support agents are available every day of the year, 8 AM to 8 PM PST, via email or phone.

Need More Help With Existing Tickets?

The Technical Support Supervisor for Elgato Gaming is Nicholas Freeman, or "Nick" for short. If you have additional questions about your ticket, please contact him via, with the subject of "For Support Supervisor". Include your ticket number, and any information specific to your situation.

You can also contact Elgato Support via the phone, any day of the year.